There are several vaastu rules related to bathrooms which should be taken into consideration. Hence, here are some tips on how to maintain prosperity:

These vastu tips for bathroom will bring happiness and prosperity at home.


We use the bathroom to refresh ourselves. Bathrooms and toilets create negativity. There can be financial crises due to the ill effects of these places. The harmful placement of toilets and bathrooms leads to obstacles, anxiety, risk of accidents, and problems in health, wealth and development.

There are several vastu rules related to bathrooms which should be taken into consideration. This maintains happiness and prosperity in the house. A bathroom built in the wrong direction transmits negative energy in your house.

Below are some special vastu rules related to bathrooms which when adopted could spread positive energy in our life:

  1. The bathroom should either be in the North or North West direction in the house. It should never be built in the South, South East or South West direction.
  2. According to Vastu, the bathroom should never be in front of the kitchen or adjacent to it. The toilet seat should be either in the West or North West direction.
  3. The water bucket or tub should always be kept filled in the bathroom. If the bucket is empty, always keep it upside down. It helps in maintaining prosperity in a home.
  4. Blue colour has a great significance in the bathroom’s Vastu. Blue colour represents happiness. Hence, it is better to keep a blue colour bucket and mug in the bathroom.
  5. Mirrors should never be placed in front of the bathroom door in the house. Doing so transmits negative energy in the home.
  6. Place a mirror on the North or East wall of the bathroom and it should be square or rectangular in shape. According to Vastu, circular or oval mirrors are not considered good.
  7. Bathroom doors should always be kept shut. If left open, it transmits negative energy and it might cause obstacles in your career.
  8. The bathroom taps should not be broken. If the tap is leaking then it can lead to loss of money. The bathroom should always be kept clean. It affects your financial condition and your health also remains good. After the work is done, the bathroom should be dried.
  9. Electrical objects such as switchboards, geyser, fan etc. should be fixed in the South East direction.
  10. Always consider light coloured tiles and light colour paint for your bathroom.
  11. It is important to have a window in the bathroom. It helps in letting out the negative energy. Also, the window should open in the East, North or West direction.